One of the main improvements of guild guild

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One of the main improvements of guild guild

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At the bottom, a large green sign invites you to join or create a new community. Clicking on it will create the WoW Classic Gold community or the Blizzard group. Enter the desired community name, select the short name that will appear in the main chat window, which can contain up to six letters, and then add a description of what the community is saying: driving, mythical plus, animal battles, success, etc.

There are many ways to invite the community and you can be invited directly by the name of someone in the community. You can also copy and paste the invitation code from a unique link to the site created for the group. These links can be designed to expire after 1 use or 1 day for unrestricted use and never expire. You can also join the community by clicking the direct link in the chat. Craft communities are specific to characters and factions - you have to add every character you want to belong to separately.

One of the main improvements of guild guild, and thus community function, is the ability to create multiple channels for a specific application. Click the drop-down list above the General Discussion panel, click Create Channel, enter the name and optional channel description. Notifications for each channel can be usedto manage separately. You can also add each channel to the main chat window or any additional window that is currently in use. The chat will continue after logging out, so you will not be back when you return.

Communities may use voice communication in the game. Previously it was necessary to create / enter voice chat using a computer application. Open the dashboard (default T). Click Settings to configure your favorite speakers and microphone. After defining the settings, just click the gray headset icon on the Chat channels screen. and when connected, the headset icon turns green. You can also turn off the deaf and silent voice chat from this screen. Each channel in the community will also have separate voice channels, so that many groups will be able to use the voice channels at the same time.

The first major update of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, released today, opens new exciting activities, such as Uldir Raid, the extremely demanding dungeons of Mythic +, the new PvP season and huge war fronts. up to 20 players Buy Gold in WoW Classic. This is an exciting time, but some players are more enthusiastic than others thanks to a short-lived virus that gave them incredibly powerful equipment that can not be won by ordinary means. The potential for serious imbalance in player power levels is now so good that many use Blizzard to restore servers to remove these elements from existence.

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